Monday, December 8, 2008



Thursday, November 13, 2008

does this count

a quick post, no pictures, no big insights.
a bold stand is still happening at its own pace, but I though I would update those two people that read this.
over the past six months i have been in conversation with tony tendero about a documentary on prayer. the documentary looks at prayer through the lens of the stockbridge boiler room.
we have wrapped major shooting and are actively working on the edit. we should have a trailer soon to give a taste of the doc and the direction.
i would appreciate your prayers that i would be sensitive to GOD's nudges as i direct the edit.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

meant to be

last post was hoping for a new story to be told.
we both decided it needed to be filmed outside. then it rained.

we agreed on a day the next week, then one of us had to bail. that happend a couple of times.

now we just agree that it needs to be done, but her story has come to another middle so to speak, so we are waiting for God to do what He does to completion.

It really reminds me for some reason of our move back to michigan. We were happy in hawaii, many people who move there find they don't really like island life. we did.

we had plenty of friends, they were our family, they were our church, and our support.

we didn't have much money, but none of us did.

we started to settle and look for a house, or land to build a house. nothing lined up, and nothing lined up. then after one afternoon looking at lots, alli and i came home, sat down and knew that God was telling us it was time to move back to michigan. every january since then i look at our photos with longing.

i don't know why this reminds me of the bold stand projects, maybe the months of delay have caused a feeling of similarity between that event 3 years ago and now, but i hope that God allows this vision to continue, if not with me, then someone. i hope that people will still watch what has already been put online. i hope that it impacts just one person.

and maybe that is it. the one person that God wanted to reach through this thing has been reached. maybe.

maybe not.

maybe we lived in hawaii to teach us one thing: to rely on God for everything, a lesson that, to be honest, i still am learning.
and maybe until we learn that more, we cannot move back.

no we aren't moving, i was just dreaming out loud there for a second.

Monday, May 5, 2008


no picture for this post.
i don't think i will post one later either.
seems fitting in light of the absense of not only activity here on the blog, but also for the lack of activity for "a bold stand"

not that it has not been on my mind, but what do you say to someone who says "sounds exciting, these stories were great." etc... and then looks with a blank stare at you as if it is inconcievable that they would ever be into sharing what God has done in their lives.

and not that it hasn't been on my mind, but what do you say when it looks like we'll make rent fine this month and then your computer dies? shell out another couple grand to steve jobs, take on a couple jobs to make up for it, mix up your priorities and your supposed "calling" with the aspirations of good business.

add to that, not that it hasn't been on my mind, but what do you say when a good friend opens up their heart to you and you have a conversation that costs a LOT because your cell phone minutes are already eaten up for the month.

add to that................


God willing, there will be another story told on wednesday afternoon.
God willing, that story will be posted live to the site by friday evening.
God willing, it will change someones perspective in life.
God willing, it will inspire one more to be willing to put it all out there for the world to see.
God willing, i will not continue to be caught up in doing what is "good for business"

Sunday, March 2, 2008


things progress slowly, one person at a time.
all who i share this vision with are excited about it. but not to many are willing to participate. i refuse to be pushy, and so get someone's testimony online that is not really prompted by God to share. i pray that people come to me. it is kind of a hard road to walk, since i am used to pursuing the goals that i set for myself. i am used to me having to act to make it happen. but this... this is different. in this i have to just make people aware of the opportunity, let them know that if they are feeling a tug on their hearts to do this thing, then i will be there in every way i can be to make it happen.
to the few that have said, "count me in," thank you. thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable. thank you that you realize that you never truly have it "together" and so will not wait until times are better. thank you that even though our schedules have been hard to line up, you do not lose interest. thank you, mainly because you give me hope. 
hope that the lights will actually come on, and the camera rolls. hope that your voice will actually be recorded, and be available to those who need to hear of God's great love.
hope that this vision is not just a passing dream, a fleeting ideal that can never be fully grasped.
hope that this is.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


i had a post with the same title last week, but then it didn't seem right then, so i deleted it.
as God brings us down this journey, i think it is amazing how He is preparing us. me in particular, as i seek His face, he continually reveals areas in my heart of bitterness and anger, and i continually have no choice but to give them over to Him. 
no choice?
nope. not from where i stand. see, i have been down that road before, and know exactly what kind of place that ends up, what kind of fruit that bears. i want nothing to do with it.
see i desire to be, like caleb in joshua (Old Testament), a wholehearted follower of God. to "bear fruit" that is pleasing.
here is the flipside though: a few chapters later, joshua addresses isreal and gives the famous "choose you now this day whom you will serve..." but that isn't the whole story. when the leaders of isreal say that they too will serve the Lord, joshua warns them that if they commit to following the Lord, that He will hold them to it, and He is a jealous God, desiring all of who they are. that there are stiff consequences and responsibilities to committing to follow the Lord.
so this following comes at a price, but the reward?
i make my stand, i give up my heart (daily, sometimes hourly) and desire the ripest of fruit God can offer in my life.

Monday, February 11, 2008


"wash me and i will be whiter than snow."
it is amazing how dirty our hearts can be. i have found, and keep finding areas within me that are just plain bitter, mean, and angry. just when i give something over to God to cleanse and make whole, another area reveals itself.

but what is amazing is that God just keeps taking it, when I give it up to Him, he washes me and makes that part new. 

so as i wait for this whole thing to do what God wants it to, i keep getting cleansed, i keep getting  reminded why it is so important for people to share God's story in their lives. 

when we tell of God's forgiveness, His power, we are giving Him glory. and that is what we were created for. we weren't created for us, we were created for Him.

that is what excites me about this whole thing.